Weclome to Koe no Otaku!

Hello! You seem to have stumbled upon my blog. You might very well be wondering what it’s for. Well have no fear. It’s going to be an anime blog. Yes, yes, I know there’s plenty of them out there already and I’m not going to pretend to be unique. But if I have one hope, it’s that the things I post are both entertaining and educational. The medium of anime is vast and infinite, so where does the child begin? Okay, so it’s not actually infinite but considering the human life span it might as well be. And I probably will use this blog as just a creative outlet too, so you may see the occassional non-anime related posted.

Anyway, I’m Rebel Notorious (it’s not a great name… I know but it’s sort of stuck now) and for now I’ll be the one doing all the posting but who knows, maybe sometime in the future there’ll be more people adding to this blog. What can I say? I’m a Beautiful Dreamer.

Here’s a screenshot from Weathering with You as a thank you for visitng and reading this far.

Please do come back anytime to check in for new posts.

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